The DS-2B Rain/Snow Sensor Controller
Automatic Activation means Lower Deicing Costs
Reliable Rain and Snow Detection
Full 30A @ 240VAC Control
Field Strap for 100-120/200-240 VAC Operation
Replaceable Precipitation Sensor
Easy Installation, Full Access to Electronics
8 Different Functions, 1 Part Number
Adjustable Temperature Trigger Point
Adjustable Delay Off Cycle
Selectable Low Temperature Cutoff
Smart "Manual On" Operates for One Delay Off Cycle
High Power, Low Price!

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The DS-2B is the base model of the DS series. It is primarily designed for small satellite antenna/broadcast tower deicing, pavement snow melting applications, and use as a sensor for larger control systems. The unit may also be used as a stand-alone rain diversion controller for Ku band satellite applications.

The unit is housed in a two gang PVC enclosure. The overall dimensions of the DS-2B are 4"(120) x 7"(178) x 2"(70). The unit weighs 2 pounds. The user may access all electronics by removing the four front cover screws.

Wiring is performed by terminating your existing wiring to the pre-installed pigtails (see below.) The DS-2B is mounted by either attaching the mounting hub to a rigid " or " conduit or by installing screws through the four mounting tabs provided.

 The DS-2B can be powered from either a 100-120 VAC or 200-240 VAC 50/60Hz source. Peak power consumption is 15 watts. Voltage selection is performed by installing provided jumpers onto the printed circuit board. The unit provides a single 240VAC @ 30A normally open load contact set. This contact set is paralleled with a low power contact set to provide remote activation monitoring. Operational temperature range is -40oC to +85oC.

An environmentally sealed control switch is provided. The "Manual On" function activates the controlled equipment for testing and special operational conditions. The "Automatic" position allows the DS-2B to handle all detections and control. The "Standby/Reset" position disables triggering and can also be used to clear the delay off timer (see below) from true or test activation. Remote control and monitor up to 1000 feet away is also available when the optional C/M cable listed is installed. The DS-2B is also compatible with the DP-7B, DP-7EX, and CDP-2 remote control/status panels.

A new feature has been added to the DS-2B. If the switch is placed in "Manual On" for less than 2 seconds, then switched back to "Automatic" the controller will execute one delay off cycle. The delay off cycle is determined by the DEL switch setting and the DEL adjustment, i.e., 2 minutes in "sensor" mode, 30-90 minutes in "controller" mode. This can be used to clear surfaces with a frost or hail buildup without the danger of leaving the system in a continuous "Manual On" condition. "Standby/Reset" can still be used to clear this delay off cycle.

The table below outlines the operating modes for the DS-2B. Trigger Temperature (TT) is adjustable from 34oF-44oF using an on-board control. When ambient air temperature (AT) is below this trigger point precipitation is assumed to be snow or freezing rain. When above the trigger point, precipitation is assumed to be rain.

"Delay Off" refers to the internal drying cycle timer of the DS-2B. The timer is used to allow the DS-2B to dry the heated surface through evaporation once precipitation has stopped. The drying cycle reduces the chance that moisture left behind by the melting process will refreeze into ice. This timer is restarted by each precipitation detection. Therefore, the DS-2B will continue to operate as long as precipitation and trigger temperature is detected, then for the "Delay Off" time once rain or snow stops. It is assumed that, when operating as a sensor, the DS-2B is supplying an activation signal to an external control system. All "sensor" modes provide a minimum 2 minute closure to reducing cycling of the external controller. When in a "controller" mode the Delay Off time can be adjusted from 30-90 minutes. Proper adjustment assures drying without excessive runtime.

The Low Temperature Cutoff (LTC) option is typically used on deicing or snow melting systems with limited output capacity. If selected, the sensor will not trigger if precipitation is detected below 15oF. However, if the deicing system has been activated, precipitation continues, and the ambient temperature drops below 15oF, LTC will be ignored. This assures that water left behind on the surface during the heating cycle will not immediately refreeze into ice as a result of deactivating the deicing system.

Function Ambient Temp (AT) Delay Off Suggested Application
Snow sensor w\o LTC AT < TT 2 Min Snow and ice alert, Sensor for external deice/snow melt controller (unlimited heat)
Snow sensor w\LTC AT < TT & AT > 15oF 2 Min Sensor for external deice/snow melt controller (limited heat)
Snow controller w\o LTC AT < TT 30-90 Min Stand-alone controller for satellite antenna/tower deicing and electric/hydronic snow melting
Snow controller w\LTC AT < TT & AT > 15oF 30-90 Min Stand-alone controller for satellite antenna/tower deicing and electric/hydronic snow melting
Precipitation sensor Not Used 2 Min Snow, ice, and rain alert, Ku band rain and snow diversion
Precipitation controller Not Used 30-90 Min Snow, ice, and rain alert, Ku band rain and snow diversion
Rain sensor AT > TT 2 Min Rain alert, Ku band rain diversion
Rain controller AT > TT 30-90 Min Ku band rain diversion
LT Thermostat w\o LTC AT < TT 2 Min Low temperature intelligent thermostat
LT Thermostat w\LTC AT < TT & AT > 15oF 2 Min Low temperature intelligent thermostat (limited heat)

Download or view the DS-2B Installation Manual in PDF

DS-2B Specifications
Dimensions 4"(120) x 7"(178) x 2"(70)
Weight 2 Lbs. (0.9 Kg)
Operating Temperature -40oF to +185oF (-40oC to +85oC)
Enclosure Rating NEMA 3R 
Supply Power 100-120VAC/200-240VAC Field Selectable 15W maximum
Trigger Temperature 34oF-44oF (1.1oC-6.6oC) Field Selectable
Delay Off (Sensor) 2 Minutes
Delay Off (Controller) 30-90 Minutes Field Selectable
Load Contact Capacity 30A @ 240 VAC/100,000 operations minimum at full load
Monitor Contact Capacity 24 VDC/VAC 400mA 10W total

DS-2B Sensor Controller Part Numbers
Typical leadtime for a DS-2B is stock to 1 week.

Type Conduit Hub Power Pigtail Load Pigtail #1 Load Pigtail #2
DS - 2B - XXX - X X 0
| | | |
500 - 1/2" NPT 1 - #14 AWG Black, White, Green 1 - #10 AWG Yellow Not Applicable
750 - 3/4" NPT 2 - #14 AWG Black, Red, Green 2 - #10 AWG Red
3 - #14 AWG Blue, Brown, Green/Yellow

For example:
A DS-2B with a 1/2" conduit hub, 120VAC power pigtails, and red load pigtails would be a DS-2B-500-120

Power and load pigtails are MTW UL 1015 105oC 600V and are 18" in length from base of conduit hub.

Part Number

DS-2B-xxx-xx0 DS-2B with power and load pigtail set
CS-1 Control/Monitor Cable, 18", #22 AWG, 5 Conductor 300V

Replacement Parts

Part Number

MG-1 Precipitation Grid Replacement Kit with Sealing Washer/Teflon Tape
RP-1 Thermal Probe Assembly
RP-3 Fuse Kit, A 250Vac 2AG (5)
RP-4 Override Switch w\Boot,Cable
RP-5-2 Front Cover w\Label, Gasket, 4 Cover Screws
RP-8 Voltage Selection Jumpers (2)

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